About Auburn Yogi

Rachel is the face of Auburn Yogi.

Have you ever felt a piece of the puzzle of your life is missing, there is a longing gap, perhaps there is something more to be experienced? This is how Rachel felt before she encountered her first yoga class.

During 2006 Rachel was in search of a new hobby or an interest which would keep her fit and mind active. Her cousin approached Rachel and suggested they try out their local yoga class which unknown to Rachel would be the start of something bright and inspiring. That first step on the mat, the instructions, the fluidity of movement, the challenge of balance, strength and flexibility only motivated Rachel more to show up for class, gravitating her towards practicing a vast range of yoga styles, keen to understand and learn an art far beyond making shapes with her body. Her first yoga class has lead Rachel onto an unpredictable yet electrifying journey, with each day being drawn back onto the mat.


“An amazing and inspirational yoga session with Rachel I loved the breathing instructions and meditation thanks Auburn Yogi!”


“Fantastic session would recommend to all – I am a beginner and loved it – excellent / amazing instructor. I have been to three sessions now and loved each one. I struggle for “me time “ working full time and having a child / family and normally (never) take time out for me – thus is definitely worth it! Highly recommend it”


“Great classes … a wonderful teacher who seems to make it easy even for complete beginners. Relaxing yet very good to improve strength and flexibility. Also never slept as well as I do after the class! Please try!”



“I first started yoga with Rachel’s beginner class at the Marriott. I really enjoy the dynamic nature of the vinyasa flow style yoga. The guided classes are expertly delivered and can be as challenging as you want to make them. Highly recommended.”


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