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Meet Rachel, the face of Auburn Yogi.

Have you ever felt like there is something more to be experienced, perhaps a longing gap? That is how I felt before I encountered my first yoga class.

During 2006, I was in search of something which would keep me fit and mind healthy and that is when I attended my first yoga class. Unknown to me, would that day be the start of something bright, inspiring and electrifying. 

That first step on the mat wasn’t the easiest but my mind was continually captured by the precise instructions, the fluidity of movement, the physical and mental challenges of balance, strength and flexibility which motivated me more to show up for class. Over time I gravitated towards practicing a vast range of yoga styles, with an eagerness to understand and learn an art far beyond making shapes with my body. 

From there, I learnt a great deal from my yoga instructors in the UK and India; developing great strength and knowledge in my practice and meditation. It was only when I embarked on my first solo trip to India in 2016 for a yoga retreat when what I was searching for ‘clicked’. The puzzle piece was found and from that moment I knew that I was drawn towards understanding the magic of yoga on a much deeper level. 

I immediately enrolled on to The British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course in the UK which sparked enthusiasm and interest to learn further about the spiritual science of yoga. It was then that I decided to make big changes in my life and to pursue my dream of teaching yoga to others. 

I chose to study in Bali with instruction and intense training held by the masterful Zuna Yoga® where I completed 200hours YTT in Zuna Yoga® Hatha Vinyasa Flow. Being inspired and empowered by a strong, motivational team of trainers and students in Bali, I was so eager to return back to the UK to share the power of yoga and its abilities to improve whole body strength, balance, tone, flexibility and emotional and mental wellbeing. My yoga classes aim to lead you on a real-life practical and mindful journey towards your most powerful and creative self by practicing conscious awareness of breath, movement and meditation. I welcome you all to come to the mat and flow with me, to give yourself the ‘you time’ you deserve by restoring calmness and focus on finding balance between nurturing and challenging your mind, body, and soul!


Rachel (Auburn Yogi)

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