Living in Newcastle upon Tyne and being vegan can sometimes prove challenging at times when it comes to dining out or sourcing the best places to pick up fast food which will excite the taste buds. I became vegan January 1st 2017 becoming tired of how consuming animal products made me feel. Having been vegetarian for a couple of years previous to becoming vegan, I progressed to the change quite easily but felt a force against me when dining out with family and friends; a force that made it frustrating and tiring when searching for something to eat in Newcastle and it sucked! Progressively over the 2017 cafés, restaurants and eateries must have heard my groans and whaling and finally lots of places began to offer more vegan options to devour!!

Let’s talk PIZZA!! As a huge pizza lover (as most of us are) finding somewhere which would offer me a pizza more than a tomato base and a bunch of veggies was like trying to find a needle in a haystack until The Bohemian appeared on the cobbles of Pink Lane. And praise the universe; this is the place to get yourself a mouth-watering vegan pizza pie … with vegan cheese! And not forgetting their incredibly delicious vegan desserts which will make you weak at the knees. Surrounded by a cool boho vibe, you can also find little vinyl record shop tucked away at the front of the restaurant for all you music lovers out there. It’s well worth a visit! Other pizza places which offer vegan-friendly pizza is: Herb Garden, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Zizzi, Jamie’s Italian and Fratelli Ristorante to name a few.

Another challenge was eating out on a Sunday … where does a vegan go to find a decent Sunday lunch whilst trying at all cost to avoid the dreaded overly dry and tasteless nut roast? I researched hard and you may have to venture a little outside of Newcastle City Centre but they are definitely worth a visit! First on my recommendations list is Wylam Brewery Tap which offer a Lentil and Pistacho Terrine with all the trimmings. Be sure to be quick to book up as Sundays are a big hit with Geordies and beyond! I recently visited South Causey Inn which offered a separate vegan menu which puts us plant lovers at ease knowing there are a few options to choose from. I highly recommend their chocolate and banana cake for pudding; truly sensational! Some others places are Vallum Farm, The Cosy Dove, The Town Wall, Vegano @ The Quayside Sunday Market which I know isn’t exactly a traditional vegan-style Sunday Lunch but since they only serve food on a Sunday they are top on my list for an alternative Sunday dining experience.

Another food love of mine is settling down late morning or early afternoon with a great cup of coffee and a slice of something sweet. I have such a sweet tooth so finding somewhere which gave me the sugar kick I needed was tricky to begin with. The Staiths Café is one of my all-time favourite hang outs to sit with a large almond milk latte and a slice of their plain flapjack all of which are 100% vegan friendly. Olive and Bean located in Newcastle City Centre also offer soy or nut milk alternatives for coffee or tea and they too have a vegan flapjack, with flavours which alternate daily. Recently I visited Camber Coffee above Start Fitness in the centre of Newcastle which provided a great range of sweet slices and a superb nut milk cappuccino. The Great British Cupcakery have a vegan cake option but is worth ringing ahead to see if they have vegan desserts available as sometimes they run out of stock quickly. Not forgetting to mention to you afternoon tea lovers their delightful and very filling vegan afternoon tea; again ring and book so they have it perfectly prepared for your arrival to indulge. South Causey Inn also provides a vegan afternoon tea which I am yet to taste test!!

These are just a tiny few of the many eateries I truly enjoy in the North East of England which I hope you try for yourself or pass onto others. Its Veganuary after all!

If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear about your favourite places to dine vegan style.

Namaste yogis,

Auburn Yogi x