Welcome 2018!

Already the New Year has brought with it magical gifts and exciting new projects are in progress for me. In terms of teaching yoga I have been under the radar recently to explore and experience different ways to take forward my yoga practice. Returning from Bali I was gifted with teaching my yoga guru’s yoga class on a regular basis which is where I felt the beginning of something raw and unique unfold class after class. Transformation, growth, movement, evolution, expansion, changes was becoming a regular occurrence in both my own practice and in that of those I was teaching. Sharing a glimmer of what I’ve learnt over the past several years to the growing yogi’s practicing in front of me on their mats felt and continues to be truly humbling, powerfully feeling beyond grateful for the opportunity to guide and aid body, mind and soul development. It wasn’t until the end of 2017 that it occurred to me I want to share the magic of yoga to a wider community as I was seeing the beautiful transformations of the yogi’s I was teaching before me. Recognising the universe waits for no one, I feel now it’s time to welcome you all to come join me as I guide you in your yoga journey to fully experience, to transform, to move forward, to find calmness, to be and build strength in mind body and soul. Start 2018 looking forward to the bright things waiting in front of you, all you have to do is step forward on to the mat.

All my love yogi’s, Namaste

Auburn Yogi x